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Studio D Journalism:
In the journalism program, students can participate in the introduction course (which is 9 weeks) or apply for the advanced course (which is 18 weeks). Throughout the program students learn pre-production, production and post-production skills surrounding podcasting, photojournalism/digital photography, and documentary filmmaking.

The group produces a yearbook and a weekly Friday Show with 3-4 segments hosted on their YouTube Channel, participates in the NPR Student Podcasting Challenge, and enters a team in the North Georgia Shootout (a photography competition with surrounding colleges and photo groups).

This coming spring, the Studio D team will be starting their own regional podcasting competition called "Speak Up Whitfield" that will include Whitfield County middle schoolers and teachers. If you are interested in working with the journalism group or have questions, please email

The DMS Photo Team - a team of student photographers who meet twice a month to develop their photography and editing skills. The group often meets in the community, drawing slips of paper with topics and then attempting to compete over best photos. They collaborate with area photographers and arts organizations and have traveled to University of Tennessee in Chattanooga and Dalton State College for photography exhibits or events.