Athletic Forms

Hello DMS Cougars,

We are implementing a new process for submitting forms through Rank One Sport. All forms will be completed online with the exception of the section of the physical which must be completed and signed by the doctor, then turned in to Dalton Middle. This new automated process will allow us to be more efficient in handling the forms. You will create a Parent Account that will allow you to complete the forms, have access to your athlete's paperwork, and to set up notifications when their physicals are about to expire. See below for Rank One Sport links and instructions.

If you have any questions, contact Ms. Alexander, DMS' Athletic Director.

Every student who plans to tryout for any sport must have the following paperwork on file BEFORE trying out.

You will be able to view and have access to all of your athlete's documents online when you create your parent account.

Rank One Sport Logo

When linking your athlete to your Parent Account, make sure you...
  • Use "ALL CAPS" for the last name
  • Type their last name as it appears in Infinite Campus
  • Type their student ID without the zero in front


How to Create/Complete Electronic Forms with a Parent Account Tutorial

How to Create/Complete Electronic Forms with a Parent Account Tutorial_Spanish

Parents/Students Rank One Sport Account Setup Tutorial (Mobile)

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